Working with the Rhodesian Ridgeback

The key? Relationship and motivation

Different disciplines are part of our daily life.
After undertaking activities such as Mantrailing, Obedience, Coursing, currently my dogs also take care of Detection.

- Mantrailing

- Coursing

- Detection

What is Mantrailing?

Man - Man, Trailing - track.
It is the search for people through the use of the dog. Taking advantage of the highly developed olfactory abilities of the latter, after a specific training, the dog learns to look for a precise olfactory trace (unlike the surface dog which signals any human smell).

Each of us leaves behind several thousand epithelial cells (per minute) together with other residues (sweating, breathing, detergents, cosmetics) so as to create a unique trace, which is exactly what the Mantrailing dog will follow.

The early warning of the binomial about the place of disappearance is fundamental, the fresher the trail the more likely we are to find the missing person. The dog is started searching with an olfactory input. Environmental conditions affect the quality and durability of the track.

What is Coursing?

Coursing is a hunting simulation, a dog sport much loved by our dogs.

It consists of a simulated hunt that takes place on natural terrain without obstacles and dangers for dogs.
Dogs chase (single or in pairs) a fake prey called laughing stock running on a path of about 500/1000 meters with short straights and changes of direction.
The laughing stock is moved by a wire that runs on a system of pulleys making sudden changes of direction and thus simulating the natural movement of a hare.

We had Chalice's and Batido under the Coursing license, until our breed was revoked.

In competitions, the parameters judged by the judges are speed, ardor, intelligence, dexterity and endurance, each of which is assigned a score. The tests are divided into two heats.

Che cos'è la Detection?

Si tratta della ricerca di sostanze, di un odore preciso (l'esempio più classico è rappresentato dal cane anti droga).

Il cane impara a riconoscere un determinato odore e segnalarlo al suo conduttore.

Mja e Tosca hanno lavorato per diversi anni alla ricerca della Popillia Japonica, il coleottero giapponese che sta distruggendo le piantagioni di diverse regioni nel nord Italia ed ora da qualche anno (2017) è arrivata anche alle nostre latitudini, in Ticino.

Tutt'oggi i miei cani si allenano in questa disciplina.