Article from Ayaba Kennel:

On a very old forum, many years ago, Barbara Sawyer-Brown wrote that Patrick and Lisa came to her to buy a puppy. 

I retold part of her story, with her approval, in an article I wrote for a daily newspaper in 2009. 

Here is a quote - in honor of the wonderful actor, but also of Barbara, who is remembered and appreciated by ridgeback lovers all over the world, including in little Croatia:"He chose his dogs with love, just like his horses. 

His first Rhodesian hound, Kwetu's Jazz Bizzaro, was born at the end of 1988 in Chicago, in the kennel of Barbara Sawyer Brown, who revealed to us the story of acquaintance and friendship with the famous actor.

At first I wasn't thrilled, but Patrick recognized my doubts about whether he would have enough time to care for a puppy and convinced me otherwise, says Barbara Sawyer Brown. In November of that year, Patrick Swayze was filming a movie in Chicago and through his producer he got in touch with the owner of the Rhodesian hound kennel Kwetu, with whom he arranged a visit to the litter.

- I didn't know much about Patrick at that time, except that he became famous with the movie "Dirty Dancing" and became a sexy star. It wasn't until I missed out on making a real fortune by turning down people who offered money just to be there when he came to visit the brood that I realized how popular he was - Barbara Sawyer Brown recounts.

- At first I was not enthusiastic, but he recognized my doubts about whether he would have enough time to take care of the puppy and convinced me otherwise. 

"Honey, I'll create the time it takes and more than that," he said and mentioned that his poodle was waiting for him in the hotel room, which is used to traveling with him - says Sawyer Brown.He arrived dressed in jeans and a motorcycle jacket, and was often seen in this outfit during filming as he toured Chicago and visited local jazz clubs. That's how the puppy got its name: Jazz after the music he likes, and Bizarro is the name of the ranch where he lives.

- He entered the box with the puppies, who immediately started climbing on him, and chose two males. A few days later we brought them to the hotel suite - Sawyer Brown recounts. - One puppy ran into his arms as soon as he sat down on the floor, and the other was exploring what was in the other rooms. Patrick couldn't decide which one he preferred and after a while he called his wife. I only heard his words, which sounded like this: 'But dear, they are so sweet. We cannot separate them now. Please, baby. Please, my dearest. Well, then just one.'

So the biggest American macho symbol still obeyed his wife, and in the meantime, without hesitation, he cleaned up the wet marks left by the puppies on the floor. He chose Jazz, a hound who immediately settled into his lap - the breeder recounted.

On the wall in Barbara's living room is a photo of Patrick and Jazz taken the day he was choosing a puppy. Before they were photographed, the actor politely asked Art for permission to hug her, and Barbara's husband laughingly replied to the actor: 'You can hug her, kiss her, you can do anything you want, just don't ever dance with her. I saw you dancing and I couldn't stand it.'- 

Six months later, my husband Art and I stopped by their place to pick up the dog and take it with us to the exhibition. Jazz, however, was the fattest puppy I had ever seen and stayed home. They had to promise to drastically reduce his food intake. It later turned out that they took it seriously, and we were still glad to visit them and see probably the most beautiful Arabian horses in the US. The stables where they live were more luxurious than the house, and that says a lot about their love for animals - says Barbara, who jealously guards the photo and claims that, unlike Patrick, she does not look good in it, but she said that she later contacted Whoopy Goldberg, who also wanted a hound puppy.

 But that's a new story."