Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

Article by Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherland - 12.2020

JME explanation:

Unfortunately, this week we received the news that Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies are still being born suffering from JME. 

This is a form of epilepsy that manifests at a very young age and for which there is no cure. 

A puppy that has this form of epilepsy will have to be heavily medicated for life and even then the prognosis is often poor.

Within the RRCN (and also for RRCS - ed.), breeders are obliged to have dogs used for breeding tested for this form of epilepsy. This is done by saliva or blood sampling by the vet and this is sent to a laboratory that tests the saliva or blood for the presence of this gene. 

Three results are possible:

Free/Clear (will be listed on the result as JME: N/N)

Carrier (indicated on the result as JME: N/JME)

Affected (JME: JME/JME)

Within the RRCN, only the following combinations are allowed:

free x free or carrier x free.

Carrier x carrier, affected x free, affected x carrier and affected x affected are not allowed by the RRCN.

A good breeder will always test the dogs before using them for breeding and this breeder will always show the test results to interested parties.

Not all clubs, however, obligatorily require this type of test on their breeding dogs.

A pedigree alone is therefore no proof of a responsibly bred dog. If a breeder does not show the test results himself, always ask for the results of the health tests. A good breeder will gladly show them to you. If a breeder refuses to do so or does not have these results, it is wise to look for another breeder.